Sites Worth Visiting

January 17, 2009

I know it has been awhile since I last posted anything on here, I had all good intentions of blogging at least once a week, but then life stepped in, never mind I’m back now. So here are a list of sites that I find worth visiting.

The Blood Red Pencil     Query Shark     Pub Rants     Paperback Writer     

Hear Write Now      Editorial Ass     Nathan Bransford     Knight Agency

Agent In The Middle     Jennifer Jackson     Morgan Mandel     Evil Editor

Worderella Writes     Reading Under The Covers     Agent Query

Backspace – The Writer’s Place     Book Ends, LLC – A Literary Agencey

Miss Snark     Writers Beware     Preditor’s & Editors     Guide to Literary Agents                                                            

I hope you find some of these sites of use to you with your writing.